Rynn Berry is an author and lecturer who studies vegetarianism from a historical perspective. His books include: Famous Vegetarians & Their Favorite Recipes (1999)—a biographical history of vegetarianism that ranges from Pythagoras and the Buddha to Nobel laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer, the Beatles and beyond, The New Vegetarians (1993)--a collection of biographical sketches and interviews of famous contemporary vegetarians, Food for the Gods (1998)—about vegetarianism and the world’s great religions, Hitler: Neither Vegetarian, Nor Animal Lover (2004)—an adroit refutation of the Fuhrer’s claims. Rynn puts out an annual Vegan Guide to New York City, which is now in its 15th year.

Recently, Rynn was commissioned to write the entry on the history of vegetarianism in America for the Oxford Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink (2005), and he was commissioned to write seven entries on vegetarianism and related topics for The Oxford Companion to Food and Drink in America (2007).

Rynn is the historical advisor to the North American Vegetarian Society. He is a popular radio guest who appears frequently on talk shows from coast to coast.


Synopsis of One-Act Plays by Rynn Berry.

The Mona Lisa's Smile Leonardo da Vinci is seated before a large canvas to which he is applying brush strokes meditatively. He is painting a portrait of La Gioconda, or the Mona Lisa. During the portrait session, Leonardo and his subject engage in a heated dialogue about Leonardo's ethical vegetarianism, which the Mona Lisa finds to be a ludicrous eccentricity—until the denouement.

The Buddha's Last Supper The Buddha contracts food poisoning at the house of a metalsmith named Chunda. The playlet dispels the myth that the Buddha died from eating pork.

The Smiling Savior The protagonist of this playlet is Jesus, who espouses his ethical vegetarianism and spoofs the Da Vinci Code.

Tea With the Tolstoys Count Leo Tolstoy, an ethical vegetarian and his wife Sonya, a passionate anti-vegetarian have a verbal set-to in this bitter-sweet comedy.

Dr. John "Cornflalkes' Kellogg This is a playlet about America's greatest food inventor and abdominal surgeon, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. It is set at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, where Kellogg was the Director during the first half of the last century.

Pythagoras and Theano Pythagoras, the founder of the first vegetarian society in the West, has a discussion about diet and mathematics with his wife Theano, who was a former pupil.