ABSOLUTELY TOFU 1 & 2 Kate Farrell & Myra Kornfeld, chefs and cooking instructors from the vegetarian restaurant, Angelica Kitchen, in NYC, are starred in these 1996 B-rave Studio presentations. Each helps you to be creative with tofu, learning how to "Fry it, Bake it, Cream it, Crumble it, Cube it, Freeze it, Marinate it, Get it? Number 1 is 60 minutes, focusing on preparing: Orange Cilantro Baked Tofu, Thai Kebabs, Sweet Ginger Tofu Triangles, Black Bean Sweet Potato Casserole, Spring Salad with Cashews, Provençal Pasta Cake, and Lemon Poppyseed Cheesecake. Number 2 (also 60 min.) features Millet & Sunflower Croquettes, Roasted Vegetable Lasagna, Autumn Harvest Stew, Chick Pea & Red Pepper Phyllo, Smokin' Chile, and Chocolate Mocha Moosecake. Sorry, we are not responsible for overeating. 1996, (U.S. format only) $24.95 each / $44.50 set    
  DIET FOR ALL REASONS, A -Michael Klaper, MD
The shocking effects of the typical fat-laden diet on the arteries of young and old, and the impact of livestock on the environment are examples of the many reasons why it's time to change the way America eats. Coming to the rescue, Dr. Klaper extols the benefits of vegan eating for our health, to our planet, and for the sake of the animals. His talk is illustrated throughout with color slides. 1992, (U.S. & PAL versions) 1 hour $22.00
  SCIENTIFIC BASIS OF VEGETARIANISM, THE (plus "Hawaii's Vegetarian Athletes") -William Harris, M.D.
Where are nutrients essential to humans synthesized? What were the dietary patterns of humanity's remote ancestors? Does the "Basic Four Food Groups" scheme really make scientific sense? What about animal protein, fat, and cholesterol? And what are the economic forces that drive American agriculture and its nutritional teachings? Answers galore from this long-time vegetarian M.D. in this one-hour tape, plus EXTRA footage on "Hawaii's Vegetarian Athletes". 1994, (U.S. format only) $22.95

TRUTH OR DAIRY ?The Vegan Society (UK) with Benjamin Zephaniah and a star-studded vegan cast. This popular rap-style video shows why so many have chosen to go vegan. There's plenty of choice in food and clothing says this modern generation that is tackling the burning issues of our time. See who they are, how they live, and what they have accomplished. Daisy the pantomime cow puts the case for soymilk.1994, (U.S. format only) 22 minutes $17.95