Book Reviews

Reviewed by Gabriel Figueroa

This book really delivers. We are exposed to a variety of viewpoints from vegans and others concerned with the idea of living life as harmlessly as possible. The book is a collection of articles that extensively covers these individuals' experiences and exposes us to a variety of new ideas. One of the ways to become like great people is to try to walk in their shoes. In reading this book, one wears the shoes (vegan shoes, of course) of many great people.

We are fortunate enough to have two articles from Jay Dinshah in this anthology. Both are extraordinarily written and well worth reading. In the first, Jay talks about how to effectively live in accordance with the truth in a way that is consistent with all spiritual traditions. It is an article that makes one truly think about what the purpose of life is and how one should live. It also describes actions that can be taken to reduce suffering in this world. The second one is a collection of thoughts on the whys and hows of harmless living. It is a quick read and even includes a couple of jokes.

Freya Dinshah writes a brilliant short article called "Getting More Out of Life." We learn among other things that what we give is what is ultimately responsible for our happiness.

Vegan physician Michael Klaper writes eloquently about the destruction of our planet that is currently taking place. He shows us how much of this is related to production of "food" for an animal-based way of eating. We are reminded of how much healing veganism offers for our eco-system.

Among other articles in the anthology are those by notables such as vegetarian nutritionist George Eisman, author Victoria Moran and philosopher Tom Regan. Throughout the book are quotations from a variety of prophets, sages, writers, religious teachers, activists, and proponents of Ahimsa from every walk of life.

This book is packed to the brim with wisdom. Anyone who wants to become a more conscientious being would do well to get a copy. It is not necessary to read it in order or to complete it altogether. In fact, it is better to use this book as an inspirational guide to living an extraordinary life that is as harmless as possible. Refer to it by frequently reading and rereading different parts of it. I truly believe that by merely exposing oneself to the ideas in this book and applying the wisdom contained within, one will begin to grow in immeasurable ways.