Vegan Generation3 campaign has something for everyone, vegan
or not yet. People of any age can become part of this generation, and
we invite you to join us.
The 3 indicates the ripple effect of our actions.

Curious about veganism? We have the resources to learn about veganism from
three sources and try it.

Already vegan? Make three efforts to welcome others.
We have suggestions and tools.

More information on the Vegan Generation3 page.



Dynamic Harmlessness Day

"Do the least harm and the most good.”

Celebrate the powerful vegan message of H. Jay Dinshah (1933-2000)
on his birthday, November 2, and all year. We have lots of inspirational
quotes and suggestions for projects you can do to improve your
community. Be empowered to make a difference.
More information on the Dynamic Harmlessness Day page.


Vegan Cuisine Month: February

For this celebration we invite people to try vegan food—
creating awareness of the proliferation of options.
Restaurants, diners, delis, cafés, universities, colleges, schools, religious groups, workplaces, service clubs, and social groups that do not usually offer vegan fare are encouraged to get involved.

We have resources on our Vegan Cuisine Month page to help you celebrate.
American Vegan Society also honors the people who have advanced vegan cuisine through the years.