Stuffed Dates

Recipe from Apples, Bean Dip, and Carrot Cake
This book is available from AVS and can be ordered here.

Yield: 10 to share with a friend

10 dates
10 nuts: almond, Brazil, pecan, or cashew

1. Place dates on plate. Put knife on a date lengthwise. Use your non-knife hand to make a bridge with your thumb and index finger over the knife down to the sides of the date to keep it from rolling.
2. Cut half-way through, enough to open the date. Open dates to check for pits. Remove any pits or stems.
3. Put one nut in each date. Close dates. Arrange dates on plate.

Nutritional Information for 3 Stuffed Dates: 83 Kcal, carbohydrates: 16 g, protein: 1 g, fat: 2 g.

More Nutritional Information:

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