Vegan Pizza in Your Town

1. Talk with the manager/owner of an independently owned (not chain) restaurant to discuss adding a vegan pizza option to their menu.

2. Ask if their current sauce and dough are free of animal product ingredients (cheese in sauce, eggs in dough--can be omitted to be vegan).
    Then, assess their interest in having vegan cheese. One new ingredient can equal a lot of new customers!
    If they are interested in doing vegan pizza, offer to publicize widely when it arrives.
    If they answer "No," refer to bonus step 6 for help (bottom of page).

3. Purchase a pizza, so they know you are a serious customer.
    Gift them a package of vegan cheese, and ask them to make your pizza with it.
    For health code reasons, you may have to supply information/coupons, and they have to source the free cheese sample directly.
    More information on vegan cheese options below.

4. Follow up:
    Compliment their pizza and organize a party at their location to celebrate the arrival of vegan pizza.
    Advertise it so that even if people can’t attend, they will know the new vegan option is available.
    Use the party to enlist hungry vegan individuals or groups who will ensure ongoing patronage.

5. Tell AVS about your success!
    Call us at 856-694-2887 or email

Vegan cheese options to share with restaurateurs:

    Shredded mozzarella is great for mass-producing pizza.
    Daiya will mail you a coupon for a free 8-ounce package of mozzarella shreds.
    Contact or 877-324-9211. Redeem at a local store; then deliver to pizza parlor.
    Pizza parlors will be able to get Daiya in 5-pound bags through distributors.

    Fresh cashew mozzarella is better for an artisan pizza place.
    The restaurant will have to contact the supplier directly to establish a wholesale account for direct shipping and obtain samples.

    Miyoko’s “Crumble & Melt” comes in 3-pound tubs. Ships weekly from California. Contact: or 415-521-5313 x117.
    Three Girls Vegan Creamery Ships weekly from Connecticut. Contact: or 203-896-0411.

BONUS: Step 6
Responses if you get a ‘NO’

NO: I just printed the new menu.
Solution: Many restaurants are successful putting a sign up and using social media or word-of-mouth.

NO: I’m not interested in vegan.
Solution: Vegan is a growing percentage of the population. Also, people with lactose intolerance benefit.
     Get on the ground floor of the vegan trend and it can help grow your business.

NO: My customers aren’t interested.
Solution: People who want vegan know they can’t get it here, so they aren’t your customers…yet.
     Plus, your current customers may appreciate other options, or they may have vegan friends.

NO: I don’t have room to stock even one new ingredient.
Solution: Even it brought you 20 or 100 new customers? Let's plan a party for when vegan pizza begins.

NO: Vegan cheese is more expensive.
Solution: That may be true, but you can use less or charge more. People who want vegan pizza will be willing to pay the premium.

NO: I absolutely don’t want to stock vegan cheese, no matter what.
Solution: One menu option is a spectacular tomato pie (no cheese, lots of sauce), and even better is tomato pie with tons of veggies.

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