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Fiona Oakes, a marathon runner from Essex, Great Britain, has just completed the Antarctic Ice Marathon (Nov 20 2013) – a race that brings to a conclusion the challenge that began at the North Pole Marathon in April 2013.

Fiona has set world records for the fastest aggregate time for running marathons on each continent plus the polar ice cap (31:11:57), and did it over the shortest period -completed in 222 days (previous record 326 days).

She also now claims the Guiness World Record for fastest woman to run – in actual running time –The Seven Continents Marathon (without Polar Ice Cap)--this is the sum of the times spent running each marathon on each continent--with her time of 26:18:47 (previous record 28:40:00).

(These records are unofficial until confirmed.)

North Pole Marathon, April 8-- 1st place (04:53:10) In winning the race, Fiona, smashed the course record by 45 minutes. She ran on ice and through snow drifts.

Seven Continents:

EUROPE - Isle of Man Marathon*, Aug 11 – 1st place (03:12:55)

AUSTRALASIA - Adelaide Marathon*, Aug 25 – 3rd place (03:08:47)

ASIA - Siberian International Marathon*, Sept 14 – 13th place (03:11:47)

NORTH AMERICA - Atlantic City Marathon*, Oct 13 – 4th place (03:10:56) (American Vegan Society attended race and provided needed support.)

AFRICA - Casablanca Marathon*, Oct 27 – 7th place (03:13:41)

SOUTH AMERICA - Atacama Volcanic Marathon, Nov 14--2nd place (06:00:39) For the Volcano Marathon (Calamo, Chile) altitude and hard conditions made for a difficult course.

ANTARCTICA - Antarctic Ice Marathon, Nov 20--1st place (04:20:02)

44-year-old Brit, Fiona, is a vegan who runs to promote her chosen lifestyle in a positive and pro-active light, and to create awareness for the plight of animals who have no voice.

She runs Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary where she cares for 53 rescued horses and many other previously unwanted animals. Her partner Martin takes vacation time from his job to care for the animals at the sanctuary while Fiona is competing. Fiona is hoping to generate publicity and funds for the rescued animals in her care.

Plant-sourced meals fuel her amazing achievements and are of particular value for quick recuperation between events and for overcoming the jet-lag encountered in this year's schedule. Her objective for 2013 was not to win particular marathons-- an all-out effort for one event would hinder her over-all achievement-- but to keep a good pace and complete all events in the category.

"A typical day’s diet consists of plenty of fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and rice. I do not buy any supplements or buy any specific products to assist in my very strenuous lifestyle – bearing in mind I also have 400 animals to care for and am a retained Fire Fighter – as I simply cannot afford them, says Fiona.

"This is an exciting but exhausting challenge. Wading through snow at the North Pole was more grueling even than I had imagined. I am determined to achieve the world record and along the way to prove that a plant-based diet is no barrier to athletic achievement," she said in a recent interview with American Vegan.

Further information can be found at www.facebook.com/fionaoakes

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